Car stickers and signage are used for business advertising as well as personal expression. You will be able to promote your brand easily as there will be so many people seeing the branding. You can easily use vehicle signage to let customers know about promotions. But when these promotions expire, or if you have outdated graphics, you may need to remove the sticker. Sometimes you will need a fresh look or you may be considering selling the vehicle.

There are professional Melbourne mobile car detailing services that safely remove stubborn stickers and signage. Before you start the removal process, the car has to be parked in a shaded area as direct sunlight will cause the adhesive residue to dry very quickly. This will make the process more difficult. It is also best not to do this on a very cold day as the adhesive can become quite brittle. You need to heat the sticker or the signage using a heat gun and this has to be set to low or medium. This will warm the sticker but you have to be careful to keep the heat source a few inches away from the surface. You also need to move the heat source back and forth so that the entire sticker gets heated evenly. Doing this will soften the adhesive and you will be able to peel the sticker off easily.

It can be very easy to use more heat than necessary and when this happens,

The sticker can tear or the paint can be damaged. If you have a sticker that is hard to remove, it is best to contact professionals to ensure the appearance of your car is not damaged by the process. Once you feel that the sticker is warm to the touch, a plastic scraper can be used to lift one corner. You need to start from the area that is loosest. This has to be done carefully so as not to damage the finish of the vehicle. You have to peel the sticker away from the surface of the vehicle slowly once you lift an edge. This has to be done at a low angle so that you stay close to the surface of the vehicle. Heat will need to be applied continuously as this will keep the adhesive soft.

There will be adhesive residue once

The sticker is removed and you can use an adhesive remover for this. This will cause the residue to dissolve. You can repeat this process as needed to ensure the entire residue is removed. Once you have removed the adhesive residue, you will need to clean this area using a soap and water solution so that the adhesive remover can be removed along with any residue still on the surface. You can use a soft brush if there are any stubborn spots and the area can be dried with a microfiber cloth. The shine of the vehicle finish can be restored by automotive wax or polish. You can apply this to the area where you removed the sticker so that there are no noticeable variations in the paint finish.