Wheel alignment is one aspect of vehicle maintenance. But this is an important maintenance task as it has an impact on the performance and safety of your vehicle. When your wheels are aligned properly, it will allow the suspension system and the tyres to work together smoothly. You will experience better handling of the vehicle and it will also improve fuel efficiency.


While you will need to replace tyres over time, you can actually increase the period between replacements by having a wheel alignment done at Tyres Chirnside Park.  If your tyres are not aligned properly, there will be uneven wear on the tyres. This can lead to the tyres ageing prematurely. There will be excessive wear on certain areas like the outer or inner edges of the tyre which will require you to replace the tyres sooner than expected. You will also notice that vehicle handling has been compromised. But when you carry out wheel alignment routinely, you will also save money as you don’t need to replace the tyre a lot. And your time will also be saved. We have mentioned in this article that vehicle performance and handling improve thanks to wheel alignment. This is because, when the wheels are not properly aligned, there can be many issues you will come across when driving such as vibration of the steering wheel, the vehicle pulling to one side and not being able to maintain a straight line.

Having the above issues come up when driving can make your driving experience uncomfortable.

You will not be able to control your vehicle effectively. But the optimal wheel alignment angle for your vehicle can be achieved with regular wheel alignment which will significantly increase stability and performance. You will be able to experience smooth steering as well. You will also notice that your fuel efficiency drops with misaligned wheels. This is because the wheels will increase the resistance against the road which required the engine to spend more effort to propel the vehicle forward. And this requires a lot of fuel. But when you eliminate this unnecessary friction, your vehicle will be able to move easily without having to use more fuel than necessary.

Also, when the wheels are not aligned,

There will be excessive stress on the suspension system of your vehicle. And this leads to components of the suspension system such as struts, shocks and springs being subjected to wear and tear prematurely. And this will lead to expensive repairs down the road. The safety of the vehicle occupants will also be compromised with misaligned wheels because the vehicle will not respond quickly or effectively to what the driver is doing. This makes navigation quite challenging and you may not be able to handle an emergency properly. You will also find that this affects braking as well. This is because the wheels will not be working in unison as they are not aligned properly. But when they are aligned properly, there will be better vehicle control and traction. You will be able to have a safer driving experience overall which will make the road safer for other vehicles and pedestrians as well.